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Sand & Birch Studio
Italian based versatile digital realisation

Sand & Birch Studio, founded in 2016, is the digital arm of Italian company Sand & Birch, founded by Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro. Sand & Birch Studio moves away from the contemporary design that Sand & Birch has done since 2008, and breaks into the digital market with their digital communication, animations, videos, rendering and branding.

Adapting to the digital era

Andrea Fino has studied law and worked in the field of communication; Samanta Snidaro has studied architecture in Italy and Spain, is also experienced in the field of photography and graphic. After years working at their company, Sand & Birch, they have adapted their skills to the evermore digital era, and in 2016 they were able to launch Sand & Birch Studio, with the skills and software they’ve learnt.

Sharing, growing and teaching is just one of the studio’s objectives

Alongside the external involvement in the educational sector, the studio has its own internship programme for design students. Since the start of the programme in 2008, students from around the globe have been coming to the studio to improve and share their talents with us. The intercultural exchanging is especially prevalent in the studio; the encounters and fusion of minds and thoughts are the sparks for creating.