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Drive Power State Registration Code X64 (Latest)

While it can be argued that using a green hard drive makes little difference to the kilowatts you can save in a year, let us not forget that every contribution counts. In case you are interested in the power consumption of your hard drives along with the frequency they are powered on and off then you might consider using specialized tools, such as Drive Power State.
Displays all local and external drives connected
Since the application is portable, it means it does not require installation or configuration, but rather you can decompress the archive in any desired location on your hard drive. On a side note, although the drive you launch it from is irrelevant, it is recommended that you open it with Administrator privileges.
As soon as you run the program, the drives connected should be detected automatically. Moreover, if you add and remove Flash stick, external drives or SSDs, they should be displayed and dropped from the list in the interface based on the refresh rate you configured.
Provides you the IDs and serial numbers of the HDDs
The idea behind the utility is to provide you with an easy solution to monitor the basic power consumption of the hard drives. For convenience purposes, the tool enables you to keep a continuous log that contains the events your are watching.
As you probably assumed, the application needs to be running in order to register this type of data. However, it is light on resource consumption and non-intrusive, since you can minimize it to System Tray.
Besides the power, idle time and duty cycles when they are power down automatically by Windows, the program also reveals information that can come in handy, such as the serial number, the mount points for each drive or the volume IDs, for instance.
A utility for monitoring the power spent by your drives
All things considered, Drive Power State does not only help you retrieve valuable information like the drives' serial numbers and IDs, but it also enables you to keep a close eye on the total power consumption and duty cycles associated.

Download 🔗

Download 🔗

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In case you are currently running a laptop and plan to invest in a SSD, then Drive Power State is the ideal app for you. It enables you to monitor the state of the drives you are adding to your system and it also reveals the ID’s and serial numbers.
What I Like:
1) Total power consumption
2) Log-like interface
3) No installation required
What I Do Not Like:
1) GUI interface might not be a huge deal for some

You can find all the common drivers here:-

The executable file, I’m sure, is from the All-in-one driver kit.

Verify if the mentioned driver is installed by opening the Control Panel. Please search for the ‘hard drive’, ‘USB’, ‘Sound’, ‘Touch Panel’, ‘Display’, ‘Bluetooth’, ‘Webcam’, ‘Video’, ‘SATA’, ‘Memory’ or any other related sections. Also please search the product name to see if the system driver is installed properly.

I would like to take a moment to plug it’s a place where you can come to find drivers for a lot of hardware. When i do my updates, I download the drivers for my updates. If you don’t know what a driver is, you can look it up on Google.

I am not affiliated with in any way, but I would like to bring it to your attention.

Having drivers installed can help out with the issues you may be having with your hard drive.

It’s very unfortunate to hear you are having issues with your hard drive. It’s good you have made the decision to purchase a new computer and you can thank your lucky stars that you did!

Windows is suppose to help to protect you, but it doesn’t always do so, or at least, it does so when you are lucky enough to be online and doing nothing.

The problem with a hard drive failing is that you do not know if it is going to fail until it does fail. So until it actually fails, you do not know whether you should consider doing something about it. The longer you wait, the worse your chances to do something about the problem.

Getting a new computer will solve the problems you have mentioned and you can begin to make more informed decisions regarding your current computer.

You can search for some reviews of the hard

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“[Data] “: Enter the name or the serial number of the HDD.
“[Commit] “: Commits all changes.
“[Edit] “: Edits the disk’s partition table and commit the changes.
“[Exit] “: Exits the application.
“[Update] “: Updates the partition table and commit the changes.
“[Disk] “: Displays the partition table of the selected disk.
“[For help,] “: Displays the help window.
“[Update all] “: Updates the partition table and commit the changes.
“[View] “: Displays information about the selected disk.
“[View all] “: Displays information about all the disks.
“[Refresh] “: Refreshes the partition table and commit the changes.
“[Setup] “: Sets the defaults for the monitor.
“[Exit] “: Exits the application.
“[List] “: Lists the volumes connected to the computer.
“[Mount] “: Mounts the selected volume.
“[Unmount] “: Unmounts the selected volume.
“[Close] “: Displays the main window.
“[Save] “: Saves all the settings.
“[Help] “: Displays the help window.
“[Version] “: Displays the application version.
“[Troubleshooting] “: Displays the help window.
“[About] “: Displays the application version.”
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Drive Power State Crack + [32|64bit] [Latest-2022]

Power consumption per hard drive

Idle time and duty cycles

Drive state changes

Capacity of the drive

Serial number

Mount points

Disk part type

Disk version

Disk model

Disk firmware




Rotation speed



Drive state changes

State description

Do not forget that you can easily share the data collected and use it to calculate how much you can save on electricity through a computer.
Is it worth it?
It’s true that the information you get is not a full-blown hardware diagnostic tool, but that should not stop you from using it in case your hard drive is behaving strangely.
At the very least, the information provided is valuable and you should get an idea of the basic power consumption.

It’s lightweight and it should work in any environment, assuming the computer system supports Windows XP, Vista or 7.

Supporting functionality
Allows you to monitor the basic power consumption of your drives.

Monitoring frequency
Automatic detection of drives connected to the system.

Display number of drives
It’s not necessarily the case, since it depends on the type of drives you are using.

If you are using a large number of drives, it might take some time to complete the refresh.

In order to power down the hard drives, all it takes is pressing the “sleep” button in the System Tray icon or in the Start menu. You can also disable the automatic shutdown or put it on a time schedule.
Drive Power State also displays the capacity, idle time, frequency, and rotation speed. Besides that, it can notify you of the number of mounts and the part type for the disks. Additionally, it reveals the state description, the serial number, the mount points, the disk model, disk firmware, and drive version.
The device was able to retrieve the information for all the hard drives on my system and even for all the drives I added to the system. Moreover, the application is light on resources and non-intrusive.
Drive Power State does not provide you with a very detailed breakdown of the power consumption of the hard drives, but it does provide you with the state changes, how often your drives are powered on and off, and the lifetimes of the HDDs.
You can always download Drive Power State from GitHub

What’s New In?

Drive Power State is a utility that helps you determine the power consumed by all connected drives, including your hard drive, solid-state drives and removable drives.
This freeware allows you to view your connected drives in terms of power consumption and the current state.
It provides you the IDs, serial numbers and mount points for your drives, as well as the power consumed by idle time and duty cycles when they are power down automatically by Windows.
You can view the display of your drives in one of three ways: in the context menu, by viewing the list of drives or by displaying them in a tree-like format.
Drive Power State is freeware and it is light on resource consumption.
We tested the program and it worked without problems.
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System Requirements:

The host must have the following requirements:
Windows 10 Creators Update or Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update
2GB of RAM
4 cores, 2.5GHz or faster processor
At least 16GB of free disk space (for installation)
128MB video memory required
Access to Internet is required for installation and software updates
You can install on up to two Windows 10 PCs at a time. We cannot help you install the software on a Mac.
Device Recommended:
A gamepad is recommended for most of